Keeping it Short and Sweet: A Podcasting Journey

Siobhan Ali
Friday 7 August 2020

By Priyanshu Agarwal 

Project: “How do we define what enterprise capabilities look like in real life?”

In a time where the whole world was full of disgraceful, disruptive, and doomy events, a group of strangers collaborated to create a podcast series with the aim of bringing back some of the positivity that we all miss. It wasn’t easy, but we did it, thanks to the organisers of the Summer Teams Enterprise Programme.  

Like most others, due to the lockdown, I was bombarded with hours of free time that I forgot even existed. Scrolling through my Facebook feed (as we have all done for hours on end in the last couple of months), I saw a post regarding STEP. Instantly drawn to it, I applied straight away, with no idea what I was in for. The Enterprise Capabilities project stood out the most to me: making a podcast series for the University website (not what I was expecting of my summer 2020 but still exciting).  

I vividly remember our first group call: full of exciting ideas, enthusiasm to learn and develop but a huge lack of confusion as to what we were actually meant to achieve. After a more organised discussion with the rest of the team and the project sponsor, we were able to direct ourselves to a clear goal.  

After weeks of training, discussions, and debates we managed to create a podcast series that summarised all of our research regarding the different entrepreneur we were each studying. It was a challenge was compiling all our thoughts into a short ten-minute podcast but in a world where everyone has less time, we are forced to keep things short and sweet! 

None of this could have been possible without the brilliant team I was assigned to, which consisted of highly driven individuals who were full of great thoughts which really changed my perspective during our discussions. 

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