Reflections on a Fascinating Experience

Siobhan Ali
Monday 10 August 2020

By Cameron Edge

Project: “How do we define what enterprise capabilities look like in real life?”

As I enter the final week of the Summer Teams Enterprise Programme I decided to reflect on why I had applied and what I hoped to gain from the project. On a base level, in the context of COVID-19 I saw it as a great opportunity to develop the remote working skills, both digital and soft, that have become necessary. Beyond that, I needed an opportunity to be exposed to new people and work through a project from beginning to end. My first meeting showed me exactly what needed fixing: I really struggled to get involved and was happy to let myself get carried along in the process. This is something I knew I couldn’t let happen and made certain this did not continue. Despite attempting to convince myself otherwise I had nothing to fear of my new teammates; Aimee, Pri, Eleanor, Ella, and Iona were a pleasure to work with and really brought the best out of me.

The research element of the programme introduced me to Daniel Lubetzky, the founder and CEO of “Kind”. The story of Kind is a great case for sustainability, not in terms of ecology but in regards to the business model. Especially in the health food sector, there are numerous competitors who have failed due to buying into the fads of the time whether that be gluten-free, low fat, keto, etc. Through being honest about their products and having faith in them, Kind have been able to set the course rather than follow the consumer. It is overstated that the consumer is so socially aware they will choose a brand that betters society. Quality is the key: Kind has built its movement through quality products in terms of nutrition and taste. A quality product will create a business better able to fund social change. This will not fix everything, but such a company will scale faster and last longer than many other avenues of change. Striking this balance between financial success and ethical considerations has hugely influenced my views on enterprise. I had previously thought these ideas were binary but now, the prospect of using enterprise as a vehicle for social change really excites me.

People who know me would definitely not associate me with tech and I was originally unsure about my ability to deal with such technology and source and use both recording and editing software. However, through planning out the pros and cons, I managed to find not only an effective method but a free one, going above and beyond what I was expected to do. I was part of the logistics team running the recording and editing process. We were efficient as a team, working through several rounds of quality checks to ensure that the podcasts were consistent and well-edited.

I was hugely proud of our achievements as a team this week in terms of finishing our project on time and to a high quality. Many of the problems that I had experienced earlier in this process regarding issues asserting myself in conversations, balancing, and closely following a clear work schedule, I have improved upon significantly and I hope I can continue to on my professional development.

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